I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to direct under my screen name, Dare.  Writing keeps me very busy, so stepping behind the camera is a rare but exhilarating privilege.

Ghosts – Short Film

Ghosts is a short film that was designed to test the Movi M10 gyroscopic gimbal to see how it worked with the Red Epic and Arri Ultra Primes in challenging terrain.  Rather than run a simple test, I thought it would be more interesting to structure a narrative around the endless suffering caused by domestic violence.  The whole film was shot on the Movi in some of the most remote, testing parts of the Peak District.

Cave In – Lacey – Music Video

Cave In is a micro-budget music video I filmed for emerging hip-hop artist, Lacey.  Delivering all the VFX myself, Cave In provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with After Effects to deliver a high concept video that belies the limited resources that were available.

Keep The Fire – Ashley Wallbridge – Music Video

Leading EDM artist and DJ, Ashley Wallbridge, wanted a cinematic, narrative music video.  The resulting moody, atmospheric film was rehearsed and shot in a day and secured more than 500,000 views on YouTube.